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Not Remarketing

What do you do with the traffic that has not converted on your website? I’m concerned about that blank look your are giving me which usually means ‘err.. nothing’.If you are advertising on Adwords then there is no question about it, not everyone will convert. You will most likely be losing potential leads, new business, qualified traffic and sales at some point, so why not try and bring these people back? You’ve done all the hard work already.

Think of it this way. You have spent a small fortune to get the traffic to your site and paid a premium CPC. We know not everyone will convert that should have (ie those that will benefit from your product.) This may not be your fault, some people, depending on where they are on the buying cycle need several touch points to take action, so don’t take offense.

So why not pay a fraction of that CPC to bring them back again?

What you can do to fix it:


You can remarket with product ads so if someone was looking at that stunning black dress on your website, then you can show them more stunning black dresses as they browse the net. What could be more relevant?! Were they searching for accommodation in Bali? Then chances are they are still considering going to Bali so use your cookie pools effectively to target the right people and most importantly, send them to the right place.

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