Relying on Dynamic Insertion

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Relying on Dynamic Insertion

Word of warning. Don’t rely on dynamic keyword insertion. I have seen this reliance many times over ,and in many cases, caused many issues for that advertiser. The risk with running dynamic insertion ads is that it will mimic what the person has typed in, which in some cases may be irrelevant.

Lets say you install solar systems and solar panels for companies looking to save money on their energy bills.

Naturally you bid on terms such as ‘Solar systems’ and are also using dynamic insertion. So you are happy and satisfied that this is going to work brilliantly.

Enter the inquisitive 9yr old who visits Google and searches the term ‘Solar System Map’. Guess who’s ad shows up? Guess what the ad headline said? You have not disappointed the 9yr old, you have paid a fortune for that useless click and not one got what they wanted. If on the other hand your ad said ‘Solar Panel Installer’, would the child have bothered to click your ad? Probably not.

What you can do to fix it:


Don’t use dynamic keyword insertion as your crutch, but a great testing tool.

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