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No Negatives

It never ceases to amaze me how many advertisers are swimming in the PPC world without the aid of Negative keywords.

I recently audited a major global account with a spend of approximately $250k per month over 18 countries and the total number of negative keywords was 220! That’s 220 negatives over thousands of adgroups and $250k of spend per month! It’s like sending a capacity cruiseliner with 3000+ guests that is

only fitted with 60 life jackets. I calculated that for one adgroup alone, the spend for irrelevant keywords for a month was close to $600. This was for one adgroup out of thousands. As an example you sell Watermelons. Yes Watermelons, that’s what you do now. You sell the big fresh green ones with the red filling that for some reason stains like nothing else. (how does ‘water’ stain anyway?)

Anyway, where was I. Yes Watermelons.

So you run a campaign adver tising your watermelons. Your keyword list looks something like this:

– watermelons
– water melons
– buy watermelons

Look ok right? Well not really, especially since these are simply broad keywords. So Google will look for synonyms and anything else it deems relevant. What this means is that when someone looks for a honeydew, cantaloupe and possibly even those horrid rockmelons, your ad may show. If you are not selling these other imitation melons then you need to add them as negatives. There are more tools in the Adwords arsenal such as match types etc but get your negatives sorted first and foremost.

What you can do to fix it:


Put your negative keywords in. If you don’t then you are wasting both money and time chasing your tail.

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