Not Merging Analytics With Adwords

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Not Merging Analytics With Adwords

I can’t say merging Google Adwords and Google Analytics is the most intuitive thing to do , but its not very hard and the rewards are high. Lately the new look and relatively user friendly Analytics makes it quite easy to do.

All you need to ensure is that your Analytics account is shared as an administrator with the MCC account you are using and then it is pretty straight forward from there.

Merging Adwords and Analytics will ensure Analytics data can be filtered among what is coming in through organic or paid search. Note that there will usually be a variance between what Adwords tells you and what Analytics tells you. Once you have merged the two, you are given a ton of data that Adwords alone doesn’t tell you.

Once they are linked, log into Analytics -> Acquisition -> Campaigns… and there is all your data.

What you can do to fix it:


Use Adwords for raw click data and Analytics for behavioural analysis of your users. Don’t try to analyse exact numbers in Analytics as it will simply lead to you chasing your tail.. there will be a variance.. but analyse the data and use that information to both improve your campaign and your website.

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