Too Granular

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Too Granular

I like granularity. Love it in fact. However sometimes you may be asking too much of your campaign if you stick primarily to the long tail. Long tail keywords do, on average, perform much better than general terms however the downside to them is that they generate less volume. The issue with being too specific is that if Google feels the search demand or interest isn’t high enough, it simply won’t show your ads, regardless whether the term is a proven performer or not.


Another problem with being too granular is that the wrong keywords start triggering the wrong ads.

What you can do to fix it:


If a broad term from one campaign can trigger multiple adgroups and their associated ads.. well it will. In this case the highest performing bid will win that auction. So you may need to bite that granular bullet and start building out those adgroups to clean up your broken campaign.

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