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Generic Adcopy


I see this time and time again from advertisers whether it be a lack of time or whether they have specific branding and copy guidelines to stick to. But the truth is: generic adcopy is a killer for campaigns.

Generic adcopy does several things to your campaign. If you are running the same adcopy for all adgroups across all your individual themes then you are not providing a relevant ad for each theme right? And relevancy is at the forefront of great user experience. The generic ads lead to two main problems:

1. The first being your CTR would almost always be lower than it ideally should because your ads are not very relevant to your user. For example if you are a beauty salon and you have a generic headline that says “Local Beauty Salon’, that might be fine if someone searches for ‘local beauty salon’. However what happens when someone searches for ‘pedicure in Camberwell’? They will of course, see the same headline. Is that Relevant? Well kind of. If you were that user, would you prefer to see the headline ‘Pedicures from $39’? That’s relevancy..

Throw in a Geo reference and you are all set.

2. Google understands that your ad is generic and in turn, as seen in the example above, is less relevant to your target audience. Since Google rewards relevancy, such generic adcopy will lead to a low quality score. A low quality score will mean Google will push your Adrank lower, meaning an even lower CTR and much higher CPCs. CTR is an element of quality score so down it goes again, and again, and again. When does this snowball end? When you have 0 impressions and 0 traffic. Put some effort into your adcopy.

What you can do to fix it:


1. Use Price in your adcopy
2. Use Ad extensions.
3. Base your copy around ‘themes’
4. Only test one thing at a time so you know what works and what doesn’t.
5. Test test test. Always test new copy and creative.

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