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We understand the demands of juggling multiple clients with different reporting requirements and preferences. Jimmy allows you to add all your clients into our reporting dashboard and create unique, custom reports for each client. Creating and share daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and even yearly report with speed and ease.

Customisation is easy

No report made by Jimmy needs to be the same because Jimmy knows that every client is different. There are thousands of ways you can build a report with Jimmy using metrics you select based on date ranges that are meaningful to your client.

Rearrange KPIs, Graphs, Tables and notes to how you want them to be viewed, in any order you like.



Using Jimmy means taking advantage of automation. Automate daily, weekly, monthly and more type of reports by creating them just once, and letting Jimmy do the rest.

Set Jimmy to run when you want him to, and he will ensure beautiful reports automatically created, scheduled and sent when you need them.

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JimmyData's scheduling

Slash reporting time through JimmyData’s easy automation features. Custom Templates and scheduling and quick cloning all mean hours of reporting turns into mere minutes.


Client login

Sharing a custom Dashboard will give your team or clients access to their own control panel login to view all their reports, in once place, with one login.

No more searching your email archive to find backdated reports, it’s all in their dashboard.


Unlimited Users

Unlike other software that charge per user, JimmyData allows for unlimited users. Invite team members and staff to Jimmy and allow them to build and automate their own reports at no extra charge.

You can share Dashboards to as many users as you like.

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