TV Attribution with Google Adometry and Analytics Coming Soon

Google just announced something really cool that I thought was definitely worth sharing on Jimmy’s blog. TV Attribution is coming to an Analytics account near you courtesy of Adometry! Cool stuff.

We all love digital (why else would you be reading this?) however you would be wrong in thinking traditional media like TV doesn’t have it’s place in the marketing mix. It absolutely does, its just that the user journey always ends up through digital which is why its exploding.

Traditional mediums have great reach and branding elements which are difficult to replicate with digital. This is ok because according to research 90% of consumers watching TV are multi tasking with a smartphone. Even more interestingly the same research says that 92% watching TV are multitasking with a PC… I’m trying to picture the PC on my lap watching TV but maybe I’m missing something!

tv and smartphone multi tasking

So this means essentially people watching TV are multitasking with digital. It makes sense for Google to start looking at how these TV placements are affecting online behaviour.

Previously this relationship was extremely difficult to measure with the data usually very high level, delayed and difficult to measure its effectiveness across different platforms and how, in the end, it influenced the consumer’s journey.

Introducing Adometry from Google. Adometry is designed to link up all the broken bits between TV airings and digital activity.

The way it works is pretty impressive. It gives your website a benchmark in terms of user activity and search queries that is considered as standard user search and activity. From there minute-by-minute TV airings data is correlated with site and search query activity to determine any traffic that is coming to the site that can be attributed to a TV ad slot. Pretty cool ay?

When will this be available? Well thats still in the air. Google is staying ‘Stay Tuned’ while we just want to pitch this into our clients!

Read more at the official announcement here.