TrueView joining Search, Shopping and Display in the core AdWords interface

Google is finally moving away from the odd displacement of Trueview and video campaigns and putting them into the core Adwords interface with some further and quite interesting changes to the metrics that they display.

Since clicks and impressions are not necessarily completely relevant as metrics for video campaigns it has been difficult for Adwords to put them all in the one interface (without having a whole heap of blank┬ácolumns that don’t really mean anything).

So as Adwords has decided to put them all into the one reporting interface it made a few changes to consolidate the metrics that are relevant across shopping, display, video and search.

The new column structure includes the introduction of these new consolidated metrics:

  • Interactions – Interactions are basically the core action a user can take with your ad format. Think of clicks for search and banner ads and video views for Trueview ads. Here is a chart that explains it a little better:

adwords interactions column matrix

  • Interaction rate – How often people interact with your ad compared to how often the ad is shown. Similar to a CTR for search but this can encompass Views to┬ávideo impressions as well which has not been a metric you have been able to utilise.
  • Avg Cost – This can be clicks divided by cost giving you your effective CPC but also can include views divided by total cost.

Below is an example of these new columns and the consolidated columns in action:

adwords interactions column example

This should prove a faster and easier to measure the performance of a campaign across multiple channels using the one standard interface, a problem faced by many campaigns managers who had to toggle between views to see the data they want.