Top 12 Analytics Blogs Every Digital Advertiser Must Read

Ah analytics… the lifeblood of every digital business and the backbone of the JimmyData software. Analytics is how we learn from the past in order to better prepare for the future.

I am a firm believer in the need to constantly advance your knowledge and test yourself. One of our core values here at JimmyData and the agency is ‘expansion’. We aim to expand our knowledge in all areas and be inquisitive.

So what are the best Analytics blogs that we go to keep up to date and build our knowledge library?

I have put together 12 blogs we routinely read and why. Here we go:

1. Google Analytic Solutions (aka the official Google Analytics blog)

It makes sense that the most powerful search engine with one of the most powerful analytic platforms has a pretty good blog. By combining relevant interests and current events, this blog platform presents some revolutions into the cutting edge technology of Google Analytics. It’s Google – enough said.

Similar to the AdWords blog it’s naturally very biased towards Google products and is a little thin on in-depth technical analysis. However what it does utilise, unlike that of the AdWords blog, is that of guest posting from Analytics experts (Google Analytics partners) which can be seen as a little self serving but I think mixes up the content nicely.

2. Moz

Specializing in search engine optimization (SEO) and inbound marketing topics, Moz has made a good name for themselves and chances are you have heard of them already. If you havn’t then after finishing this blog post (and then signing up to Jimmy for a free trial hehe) you should head on over.

Moz is all about SEO but did you know they have a great analytics section that is absolutely worth the read? This platform features various authors that have a lot to say about understanding and utilizing analytics to your advantage.

It’s not surprizing when you really think about it however. Moz is a community of data deprived marketers filled with a world of encryption and hit with every cloak over transparent information possible. If any sector of the digital marketing world were to hack analytics into pieces its the SEO community. Top SEO’s generally have pretty epic analytics skills so naturally, we see that on the Moz blog. Keep it coming!

3. Optimize Smart

Not the prettiest blog in the world but 260,000 monthly readers know something; Himanshu Sharma knows his stuff and that is an understatement of all understatements.

For technical Analytics advices, tutorials, training, resources and the whole kitchen sink, Himanshu is your man. When I’m stuck with something technical I inevitably end up on this website time and time again.

The only downfall is that it is very (very) technical. Not for the faint hearted, the data queazy and certainly not for those who don’t want to put their thinking caps on.

It’s good ol hard core analytics the way we like it. For us analytical marketers, this is the holy grail for technical analytics, how to’s and omg what has gone wrong.

4. Luna Metics

How these guys continually come up with great content on a regular basis I have no idea. Constant content that is of great value time after time leaves me impressed. Hey I just wrote a ‘top blogs’ post so I’m tipping my hat to you guys.

Luna Metrics is like Himanshu’s blog put into laymen’s terms which works for a lot of the digital marketing community. I do like the technical side of things but sometimes I want a silver platter and that is Luna Metrics.

5. Adobe’s Digital Marketing Blog

Adobe’s team of marketers have done a good job creating and curating content in several digital marketing categories, including analytics. With its visually appealing imagery, this is an appealing blog site to read. Being one of the industry leaders, Adobe is not afraid to ‘go there’ with it’s articles and takes a bold approach when discussing analytics. However, it’s not just about looks and big talk, Adobe authors do a great job with content that proves just how powerful analytics can be for an organization.

My only gripe here is that I’m not the biggest fan of the Adobe analytics platform. We need to understand it as it is still quite prominant among enterprise size clients What I like about the blog is that it’s not as product centric as the Google Analytics blogs and does provide useful content for all marketers, whether or not they are using the platform. A great overall blog that is updated often with great content.

6. Tatvic

Tatvic is a Google Analytics certified partner and premium analytics reseller that provides excellent how to’s and Analytics technical posts on their blog.

Topics are relevant and engaging – especially for those of us who love the mathematics behind analytics.

I wish they would update more as their blog is a great resources for those interested in learning more and digging deeper in analytics.

7. Annielytics

The blog of Annie Cushing, this blog takes the approach that puts analytics in layman’s terms. This is not to say that the blog platform isn’t interesting – on the contrary, Annie works to make, “data sexy.”

What I like about this blog the most is that it utilizes best practices in presenting data about analytics through videos, articles, imagery, infographics and other content. It is a take on analytics and communication technology that comes from a different perspective.

8. Loves Data

You know that individual who’s eyes light up when they start talking about analytics? Are you that person? Benjamin Mangold is and the analytics world is better for it. I also have a feeling that there are a lot of his kind working at Loves Data as their passion for all things analytics shines through the blog articles.

It is a clean and sophisticated template that looks at subjects such as Facebook Pixels, marketing campaigns, digitally-savvy websites, Google Analytics, etc. The authors present a perspective that is fun, fresh while keeping to relevant topics and diving into analytics. This blog does a good job at engaging with the end-user if you are looking for an outlet for the analytics geek within you.

Loves data knows their stuff and are often utilised by Google to do their Google Analytics training which is pretty impressive.

9. Hubspot

I personally love the fun, hardworking approach to digital marketing that Hubspot takes as a whole. The fact that this organization has a beer tap and ping-pong table at their headquarters tells it all. Inbound marketing is about attracting people to you, right?

Their blog platform features two major catagories – marketing and sales. When you go to the marketing side you might have to do some sorting through if you are looking specifically at analytics. However, the Hubspot marketing blog has a dedicated team that has proven to be a thought leader in the inbound marketing field.

10. Koozai

If learning about SEO, PPC, content and social media marketing sounds like something right up your alley, Koozai digital marketing blog might be exactly what you need.  This United Kingdom based company is progressive in its review of digital marketing even though they are fairly new to the space. Presenting topics such as virtual reality, PPC, and of course analytics, Koozal is making its leadership known across the pond and around the world.


11. Predictive Analytics World

Ok we get it… this is perhaps not the most visually appealing blog you will have laid your eyes on. In fact, it’s tough to look at for too long but the content is second to none.

If you like variety and appreciate internationally diverse perspectives, this will be a great read. Set up as a question and answer format, these articles ask different industry leaders from around the world their opinion and experience with analytics. I love question and answer formats as it can give you a variety of responses based on different though processes and opinions.

I would recommend this source if you are attracted to the more academic approach or style or reading. Some corporate giants grace the web pages here. It is nice to hear it directly from the source. Then in your next meeting you can name drop away like you are best buds.

12. KissMetrics

Topics on testing and understanding analytics are a common theme throughout this platform. However, kissmetrics goes a step further in explaining how analytics can be used to scale and grow your organization.

What I love about KissMetrics is that it takes analytics and moves it forward. It puts people behind the data and was built and founded by the one and only Neil Patel.

Think of Kissmetrics and its blog as taking Analytics and putting a business behind it as opposed to being just data. How do you use the data? What does it mean for your business?


Your time is a precious commodity, but you are in charge of how you spend it. Somedays it can feel like a losing battle when trying to grasp the technology, but don’t be discouraged. Help is out there and content is out there to move you along.

This is the thing about digital marketing. We have built an industry primarily around the sharing of feedback and insight, not by formal education systems. Blogs and forums have been the driving force of digital marketing from the outset and continues to feed us the knowledge we need to move forward.

Let us know what blogs you read for analytics. Do you have a favorite?