The Intern: Week 4 – A program called WordPress?


The Intern this week discovers a program called ‘WordPress’, wrote some SEO articles and got root canal. Intern may miss week 5.


Another week down means another week full of new experiences. This week was all about wordpress and website development, an area of marketing in which I had virtually no experience, but a massive interest. My tasks for the week were a spectrum of what wordpress and web development is about; tasks ranged from content editing and adding new pages, to template editing and full website creation. All these tasks were done using a program called wordpress, which allows the editing and creation of websites to be made simple and virtually without coding.

The first task for the week was to write two articles for a telecom company, one in regards to pay by the month phone systems and the other in relation to the 2015 federal budget and its newly introduced tax-free threshold for businesses earning under $2 million.

One thing I have noticed since I started my internship was how quickly I’ve been able to come up with and type 1000 words.

The first of the articles (Pay by the month phone systems) was simply a matter of mapping out my main points and then fleshing them out into paragraphs, which was rather simple.The article almost wrote itself, as it was essentially self-explanatory; a phone system that’s more expensive will more often than not be better quality and have better service/warranty options than its cheaper, inferior quality counterpart.

The second article, however, was a little more complicated as I had to avoid repeating content from the first article that would often be similar. As I wrote these articles it was becoming more and more clear to me just how important content was for a website and SEO. Another thing that became more and more apparent was how easy it was to use wordpress, or so I thought…

The major task for the week was to essentially customise/rebuild a template for a client who didn’t have the time to have one custom made. This definitely proved a challenge. I began by reading over a draft map of the site and creating the necessary pages, as well as deleting the unnecessary pages. The next step was adding in the content that id been given by the client to their assigned pages, in order to make a ‘skeleton’ for the site which I can use as a basis for editing the template. Once all the content was entered it was time to begin looking at how I was going to modify the template and base it around the draft map, which didn’t exactly have an extremely detailed outline of where everything was to be laid out. This proved a challenge, as I had never really used wordpress to this extent and I was simply going through each and every customizable option, looking for the one that sounded like what I was after. There were periods where I would be stuck for 20 minutes on trying to edit one aspect of the template, only to find out that it was hidden under an unfamiliar name. This happened quite a bit. Nevertheless, I was still able to find all the required options to complete the editing and while I was at it learnt the ins and outs of wordpress.

The final task for the week was a lot simpler than the one that preceded it. We have a client who has a decent amount of images on their site that have not been edited in anyway to benefit SEO. Initially, I had no idea that images even played a role in SEO, but later learnt that they were more than just a pretty picture and had some true purpose. Just as Google recognises text content it also recognises image content, however, it doesn’t do this by actually looking at the image, but rather by looking at the alternative description that is attached the to the image. For instance, your site may have a hundred images of apples, but unless each alternative description of each image uses the word ‘apple’ or a variation like ‘green apple’ then the images would be virtually useless for SEO purposes. So as I’m sure you may have guessed by now, my task was to check and change any images on the client’s site that didn’t have an appropriate alternative description to match the image, which was a nice, short and simple task to finish off the week.

The world of digital marketing gave me its 4th week full of new experiences and new things that were learnt. It was quite an experience to set up a website’s framework from scratch, something I’ve always wanted to do since my interest in computers and digital marketing began, and although it proved to be a difficult task I was still content with my effort and look forward to working on another. If I were to choose one word to describe the week it would no doubt be ‘persistence’. The major task for the week required a lot of digging to find the right option I needed to edit a particular aspect of the site, as well as a fair amount of time and thought, hence the word for the week being persistence. So with another week done and dusted its time to look ahead into what next week has in store.


The Intern.

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