The Digital Marketing Intern – Week 1

Digital Advertising Intern

My first week as a marketing intern has definitely been what they call ‘an eye opener’. With only very little marketing knowledge and experience under my belt I was a bit unsure of what to expect, however, what unfolded was a week full of constantly taking in new experiences and knowledge which would undoubtedly set the foundation for my career in marketing.

My first day was essentially an introduction to the world of digital marketing, starting off with the basics such as writing Meta descriptions, performing 301 redirects, and editing some website content. These tasks were not complex, but simply about getting a feel for what digital marketing was all about. It felt quite exciting to be working on real clients and with real companies, as opposed to the theoretical work that I’m currently doing whilst studying at university. Working with real clients meant that there was no margin for error, which only added to the excitement for me as I felt that I was more than capable of handling the tasks handed to me.

One of the most interesting experiences was on the second day when I had the chance to sit-in and take notes in a meeting with the marketing director of one of our clients. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the data trends over the past month, what can be done to improve the campaign, and what has been going well. The first thing I took notice of was how important the use of data is in relation to marketing. I learnt that data is collected from sources such as Google AdWords and Analytics, which I was not yet familiar with but later learned play a vital role in digital marketing. Whilst in the meeting it was agreed that my task following the meeting was to do some research on upcoming events around Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra that the client could target as part of their campaign, as well as typing up the minutes from the meeting and sending them to the client so that we ensured he had a copy. The tasks were simple, enjoyable and gave me a valuable insight on how to interact with clients.

As the week progressed I began to feel more comfortable with a larger workload and more complex tasks. One of these tasks was to finally use Google AdWords to remove negative keywords from our client’s campaigns, which wasn’t difficulty but definitely time consuming. It required me to think what keywords would be appropriate for the client’s campaign, based on the information I had been given, in particular location data. One thing I learnt from my venture into AdWords was how much thinking and work goes behind deriving the right keywords for a campaign, as well as how important it is to regularly eliminate the negative keywords. By eliminating the negative keywords, I learnt that you could cut out unnecessary terms that were costing the campaign money and focus it more on the important keywords that are leading to conversions.

Perhaps the most complex and time-consuming task was writing two 1000 word articles for a telecommunications company that would be later uploaded to their website blog. These articles required me to do some in-depth research into the ways the new NBN will benefit businesses, as well as the way auto-attendant phone systems can streamline your business. The research for these articles took some time, however they were highly engaging and helped a lot in writing the articles. As I put all the information under my belt I began writing away, carefully constructing each sentence and paragraph as I felt this was my first lengthy task and I wanted to prove myself capable of handling the job. 3 hours later and I had both articles typed and proofread ready for uploading. Along with writing articles from scratch, I also had the opportunity to edit an article that had been already written but needed to be more business focused. This task was not as tough as writing a whole article, however still proved to be a good challenge. Again the task was for a telecommunications company, as well as the subject being the NBN.

The world of digital marketing was definitely a lot different to what I had expected, however, this wasn’t a bad thing. If I were to describe the first week as an intern in one word it would undoubtedly be ‘intriguing’. The reason I say this is because of the amount of work and thought that gets put into campaigns is simply intriguing; the way its not simply ‘putting a post up’ or ‘choosing what keyword you want your business to use’, it all requires deep thought and analysing data before any decisions are made. What a week it has been. I can’t help but be motivated to dive into next week and experience more of what the world of digital marketing has to offer.


The Intern

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