AdWords and Analytics report templates to simplify things further

Thinking of simply using an AdWords report template to build a generate quick smart? Or do you know know where to start with Analytics and just want a quick and easy template you can use.. over and over again.

After fielding numerous requests to support Adwords and Analytics reporting templates, the feature has finally launched in JimmyData. That means you no longer need to create new widgets every time you create a new report!

With Jimmy, It’s now just a matter of building a report using the widgets you like, saving it as a template and then using that template in future reports. This is designed to drastically reduce reporting times even further and will also mean you can use your favourite template for any of your clients with a click of a button.

Let me quickly take you through it:

First head into a report which you want to replicate (or make a new report and build it the way you want).

After you are happy with it, go to the Report Options icon and then hit, ‘Add as Template':

add adwords analytics report template

After you hit ‘Add as template’ a popup will appear where you can name your new template:

name adwords analytics template

Now your template is ready to be used!

To use it create a fresh report. it doesn’t matter if you are using the same client or a new one, Jimmy’s templates are designed to be used across all clients and campaigns.

In a blank report go to your report options and select ‘Use Template. Please note: if you have widgets already in a report, adding a template will simply add the template widgets on top of the existing widgets. The old widgets will not be deleted.

using adwords analytics report template

You are then going be prompted to select from a list of templates. Choose the template that you want and then click ‘Use Template’.

choose your template

You will need to select the campaigns and/or the Analytics profiles to use in each widget. This is all you need to do and you will be reminded to do this after you use the template.

Choose your Adwords campaigns and/or Google Analytics profiles for each widget and you have your report.

Feedback is always appreciated so please feel free to put your feedback into the comments below or send via our support systems.

Thanks and hope this have given you a big chunk of time back!

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