Table filters for Adwords and Analytics tables

In conjunction with filtering Google Analytics data with custom segments, you can now choose to filter any dimensions in your tables.

For example that means you can run a source report and break down that source report via your own custom filters within Jimmy itself. Lets say for example you only want to show referral traffic, all you need to do is hit the new filter option in the table, type in referrer and you data will be filtered accordingly.

These filters will save and transfer across templates¬†you create in Jimmy and will also stay filtered when you email or schedule the reports. To remove the filters it’s super easy, just visit the filter, remove your predetermined filter and then apply it again.

How to filter your Adwords and Analytics reports

You will now see a small filter icon in the menu bar for all your tables. It will look like the below:

New filter option adwords and analytics

When you click the filter a popup will appear which will prompt you to enter your filter. See below where we have put the example ‘referrer’.

adding your filter to dimensions

In the example above there is only 1 dimension so only 1 field can be seen. If there are more dimensions you are given the choice to filter by any dimension that is in your report.

Once you click ‘Apply Filters’ your table will be filtered and will hold for that report.

To remove the filter simply go back into the report, click the filter again, delete the current filter and then click the apply filter button again.

Filtering in the reports works across all supported channels.