Search Engine Market Share 2015 by Country – Infographic

Its 2015 and for a while when we want to know search engine market share by country, we have been referring to a spreadsheet we created internally.

This has been a working document we have been fleshing out over time and I thought it would be a good idea to turn this into a simple global map… search engine style. This will change as new data comes in but as a guide, we use this map for our internal reference.

We will be updating this regularly but check it out and share it with your team or clients!

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Few interesting takings from this:

Global search engine market share kind of looks like a map of the cold war?
Russia and Google don’t mix. Google and China don’t mix.
AOL is still a thing apparently
Africa don’t use search engines! -> joking.. we just havn’t got to it yet :)

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