Report Scheduling for Adwords and Analytics

The final piece of the automation puzzle is in place and we couldn’t be any more excited here. If Jimmy cut our reporting times, then this scheduling feature absolutely shredded the leftovers. Do it for any time zone, any channel with any report you wish.

So lets get down to business and show you how its all done.

You can schedule your Adwords/Analytics/Bing reports either in the report list within the client profile or within the report view itself. The image below is using the report list options:

adwords analytics report scheduling

Click the ‘Schedule’ option from the drop down menu. It will then open a pop-up with scheduling options for you that will look like the below.

Report scheduling options

Once you have filled out all the fields, click on ‘schedule’ and away you go. Your reporting is automated!

After scheduling a report, you can edit the schedule by clicking on the edit function as seen in the below:

edit scheduled reports


1. Scheduling will not be able to assume custom date ranges into the future. So if you want to report on a Monday – Sunday date range, we recommend scheduling a report for a Monday with a ‘Last 7 Day’ date range selected. Similar scenario if you were doing monthly reports, schedule the report a day or two after the end of month with a ‘Last Month’ date range.

2. Multiple scheduled reports work well. Weekly reporting or monthly reporting is great. However doing both can give you great insights and provide the client with lots of value.

3. Combining with a real time dashboard will mean on time reporting as well as the ‘on-the-go’ convenience of live dashboards. Clients love options so why not provide a comprehensive reporting suite?

4. Schedule to yourself. Jimmy is not only a great client reporting tool but can also be used to schedule reports to help with your client management. Scheduling search query reports on a weekly or even just a monthly basis will make building negative keywords lists super easy. Incorporate Jimmy in your campaign management to save even more time.

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