Report Google Analytics goals back into KPIs and Graphs

If you are only reporting on conversions in Adwords then you are simply missing out on a whole lot of additional data. Creating goals and events in Analytics allows for flexibility in reporting and more robust conversion attribution models to dig into.

With Jimmy you are now able to report and create graphs and KPI’s for individual goals and events set up in your Analytics. That means if you have set up 5 completely different goals, then you can report 5 separate KPIs, one for each goal.

Lets show you how to do it.

First login to your JimmyData account and either create a report or use an existing report to create a new widget:

Analytics Individual Goals

Click ‘Next’ on the top right . The in the next Step, we have simply selected ‘Goals’. When you have selected goal as a KPI, you will now see in the Goals section a list of the goals you have created in Analytics. You can select one or multiple goals (max of 8 per widget)

selecting analytics goals

Then click ‘Finished’… and that’s it. You will now see your individual goals listed how you want them. The one we just did can be seen below. Easy.

goal conversions analytics

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