Parental Status now a target in Google Display? Really?

Answer is a resounding yes. That’s right, as part of Google display network demo targeting you can now select ‘Parental status’ as a demo target. You can see it circled in the below screenie:


The argument I’m not particularly interested in getting into is the ethical one. Well, ethical is possibly not the word, ‘creepiness factor’ is probably a better suit. What I am more interested in is the power this will give advertisers in their targeting.

Being able to target people based on their parental status will mean super targeted ad campaigns to parents (and of course don’t forget, non parents). Nappies, overpriced clothing, formula, events, books, dvd’s.. the list is endless and a little mind boggling. Although I can’t wait to try it out, I still feel ‘parental status’ is an bit of an ambiguous term. Are they parents of toddlers? Infants? New borns? Even teens?

When you stop thinking about how you would target parents and how you would specifically target those who are not parents, thats when it can really drive your campaign to another level.

There is still very little from Google about this but it does open up a whole lot of potential targeting that could be coming our way.

What targeting metrics would you like to see? I’ll get this started:

  • Education status
  • Car or no car?
  • Pepsi or Coke?
  • Diet or Zero?
  • blue or white collar?
  • Employed or not?

I could go on forever I think.. stick yours list in the comments section below.

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