New Website Design for JimmyData


As you may have already known, JimmyData has undergone an overall of its website.

We have some really cool developments that will be shared on the blog in time off the back of the new design.

Some things to look forward to include:

  1. New KPI design options (expanding on the current selection you can toggle through)
  2. Google Analytics segment filtering also coming very soon which we are super excited about. I feel at the moment our Analytics reporting could take a big jump forward and this is a great way to segment your traffic and create more useful reports straight out of Jimmy
  3. Table filtering – This is one feature which is already available but cannot be ‘stored’ into the template. We are looking at creating more filtering options within the report table which can then be saved and downloaded or built into a template. For example if you only want to show referral traffic in your source report in Analytics, you can easily filter by referrer and then hold that setting to be used in future reports.
  4. View-through conversions – We current do not have a metric for view through conversions so this will be added in shortly.
  5. eCommerce reporting straight out of Analytics so you can now report on sales and categories out of Analytics.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the new design and any particular features you would like us to implement.