Month on Month and Week on Week Adwords and Analytics Reports

One thing that has been in the pipeline for much longer than we would have liked is the introduction of Month on Month as well as Week on Week Adwords and Analytics reports.

Often when analysing our Adwords or Analytics traffic data we look at what has happened in the past and comparing it to a previous period to get an idea of movements and trends.

Jimmy now allows users to go that step further and look at a historical weekly or monthly data to see trends over time and also negate the need to build different reports for different periods. It is also great to provide a visual around cyclical and seasonal trends.

It can be used across all our core Adwords and Analytics dimensions and metrics.

To utilise this new feature go to add a widget as you normally would and select the table type. From there you can choose either Month on Month or Week on Week.

Month on month report adwords and analytics

From there you will be taken to the usual customisation screen.

The below is an example of the month on month report.

cusomise week on week or month on month reports adwords analytics

Upon selecting the monthly period note there is a check box that asks whether you want to include the current month. As a default the system we work from the previous full month however if you want to include the month in which you are building the report then select this option.

Click save and there you go, a month on month or week on week report.

month on month analytics report example