Linking Adwords and Analytics for better reporting

It wasn’t too long ago when you had clear and easy incoming data in Analytics to understand what exactly was happening and where your traffic was coming from. Now (not set) and (not provided) is infiltrating our data, covering up some really valuable information.

Now even paid search into Analytics cannot be seen (thanks to (not set) ) unless you link your Adwords and Analytics campaign. Previously this was a bit of an effort and├é┬ámerging Google Adwords and Google Analytics was not the most intuitive thing to do, however things have changed and today, it’s a sinch.

You first need to ensure is that your Analytics account is shared as an administrator, then it is straight forward from there. While you are in Adwords, go to Tools => Google Anaytics. Once you are redirected click on the profile you want to link with.

On the top you will see ‘Admin’ and when you click on that you will be taken to the admin page where you will see on the left hand column the below:

Linking Adwords & Analytics
Linking Adwords & Analytics

Hit the obviously labelled ‘Adwords Linking’ then +New link, select the Adwords profile and you are not good to go. Easy. Yes it sounds a bit long winded but its super easy, just consider yourself lucky you don’t have to do it the old way!

After a little while more data will start coming through and (not set) for paid search will be a thing of the past. There is a load of granular information you can get when you link up the campaigns.

Quick little tip: You can easily access the data in the ‘Acquisition -> Campaigns’ tab and get the info you need quickly and easily.