Jimmy’s pricing has changed – more value for all

Jimmy has changed his pricing structure and he thinks you are going to be super excited about it.

The entry point has moved from $60 down to a ridiculously low $9! All packages now provide exceptional value for all users and we hope you take advantage of it.

Why the change?

The reason for the change is quite interesting actually. We at JimmyData use the software every day, all day, 7 days a week. Fascinatingly, the way we originally thought we were going to use Jimmy has changed completely from when we first started using it.

We initially anticipated that we would set a report, download to PDF and then send it off to the client. The real truth in fact is that is not how we use it at all. For us, a much better, more efficient way was to share the report direct with the client, who then logged in and viewed the report in real time. Not only was this method highly effective on our end, the clients absolutely loved it! It was a win-win situation and we havn’t looked back ever since.

Understanding how we were using it, we realised that we needed to offer a lot more report templates to our subscribers in order for them to get the most out of Jimmy. Suffocating or restricting agencies from generating more reports would mean the best features would not be utilised so we have done something about it.

What about my subscription?

Best this is, chances are you will now be paying less and getting more templates! (cool ay?). This will automatically be reflected moving forward. For example if you signed up for 25 templates at $99, you will automatically get 30 reports and pay $49.

So its win-win with Jimmy, just to way we liked it!

Check out our new pricing structure here.

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