Hi 2015 – Support is our Resolution

Big Happy New Year to all! Its been a little while since Jimmy updated his blog but it doesn’t mean we have been sitting doing nothing (maybe over the break we chilled.. just maybe).

There are a few things that we have been working on and can’t wait to show everyone. Here we list just a few:

1. New design

We know Jimmy looks good but we want it to look absolutely amazing. So you will start to notice a few design changes within the app over the next few weeks as we roll them out. Our end goal is for all our users, and clients, the think “wow.. that looks amazing!”. So we have some of the best designers working on making that happen. Here is a little teaser of some original drafts just to give you a taste.

New Jimmy Dashboard design

2. New Support

We were shattered to learn that some users felt although it was a great product, Jimmy’s support wasn’t as responsive as it should be. We have taken this to heart and implemented a support system you can easily access from within the application. When you log in you will see a little tab on the bottom right. Sending a support request through this new support feature will mean faster and more manageable support giving you the service you need. So yes, you can now have the cake and eat it too!

Support Jimmydata

3. New pricing model

We think the current pricing model is way too complicated. So much so in fact that when I was talking to an agency recently I couldn’t even remember any plan above the $19 plan. It was at that moment that I thought a chance is needed. So you are going to see some super simple pricing within the next few weeks. It will not only provide an easier to understand pricing model, but be much better value for all.

4. Free Tools

As an agency we use all the tools we can to make our job easier. Some of these are internal tools which we will now be sharing on JimmyData.com. These, like Jimmy, are designed to save you loads of time and since they will be free, won’t cost you a cent. Nice.

5. New Channels

So far Jimmy pulls in Data from Adwords, Google Analytics and Bing. We have more channels coming to support not just search advertising but social ads and engagement and email marketing.

Looking forward to a HUGE 2015!

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