Improved Google Shopping for mobile

With people’s smart phones now a fixed bodily function, people are using them to search for products online and cats during all different hours of the day. Google have reported a 3 fold increase year after year of shopping searches coming from smartphones, and it is set to steadily keep on growing.

Google has also reported that traffic from mobile devices to retailers has already preceded last year’s peak season. Improvements are currently being made to make the shopping process as simple as possible, creating more leads and bigger sales for retailers.

It used to be that shopping online didn’t provide you with the same detail as an in-store experience. Now more detail is being added to product descriptions to help people make more informed decisions. When clicking on a product, another box will open up showing reviews, which merchants carry the product and more specific information.

Google shopping screenshot

Another improvement brought to your mobile devices are local inventory ads. Perfect for the last minute shopper so you don’t have to plan too far ahead for shipping times. Even better for local businesses to snag up last minute customers.

As well as being able to search products from many online sources, Google shopping has improved the way you view these items on your smartphone. After selecting a product, you are then able to rotate it 360 degrees on the screen, viewing it from all angles. No longer will you have to get a product delivered and find it just isn’t quite right when you open the box.

Shopping local and internationally is all at our fingertips now, with improvements of how we view things and the detail we receive. It’s becoming easier for us to make more informed decisions about the products we buy, increasing the chances of us making satisfying purchases and returning to that merchant in the future.

Just a note, this doesn’t mean people will complete the purchase online any more than previously. This has notoriously been the beign on the eCommerce webmasters existance. However the researching phase is notably improved but still expect users to complete their purchase online, an understanding important to factor when considering the overall purchase path.

Read the full article at Google’s Adwords blog

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