Tools for the Power User – the end of Bid Management Software?

Google is now actively building tools to support advertisers with large accounts actively targeting a large user base. Is this a direct challenge to the Marin’s and Kenshoo’s of the worlds? Even the JimmyData’s? We will see but lets learn more about Google’s Tool’s for the Power User.

Why was it created?

Managing your AdWords accounts and campaigns can be daunting so Google has created several tools that will help make your life—and account management—easier. These tools are design to allow bid advertisers to focus on what really matters – your customers and the ads their seeing.


Google AdWords provides multiple tools that can help you manage your data, accounts, measure your activity as well as automate tedious tasks. Here are just a few of the tools that will help you manage your information and utilize your resources effectively.

Managing with My Client Center

Whether you’re managing AdWords accounts for various clients, or have multiple accounts throughout your business, the My Client Center (MCC) will help immensely in organizing your accounts and making sure you’re efficiently and effectively monitoring all of your clients and accounts.


This is old news so lets move on shall we?

Utilizing Ad Customizers

This is where is get more interesting. Google AdWords ad customizers allow you to create hundreds of ad variations off of one single ad. Each ad can contain a countdown to a specific date; a customized price based on a specific product; and can even include the names of your various products.

By simply creating and uploading a data spreadsheet, it’ll do the work for you. You can target customers based on their search term, update your ad to show upcoming events, and schedule a recurring event. No doubt this is starting to hurt isn’t it?

To learn more about these tools, you can read more here

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