Google now giving away free clicks? Hello Dynamic Sitelinks

Thats right.. kind of. I’ll explain a little later

Recently Google introduced dynamic sitelinks into their Adwords offering. We all know how effective sitelinks are and utilising these ad extensions for better results.

Now Google takes it to the next level in the form of dynamic sitelinks. Dynamic sitelinks are automatically generated sitelinks that appear under your ad. As a default, dynamic sitelinks are already active on your account as of the 24th July 2014. Read more at the Google Adwords official blog here.

Dynamic Sitelinks Adwords

What about your current sitelinks?

Don’t worry, your current sitelinks will still be used by default. However Google does state that it will use its own dynamic sitelinks if it feels it is more relevant.

Is this good or bad?

Bit of both. Google knows that sitelinks improve CTR overall so therefore have now forced the implementation in order to increase the amount of clicks your headline will get. Google will put their money where their mouth is and give you these sitelink clicks for free.

Another issue I foresee is that some campaigns are super targeted and we may have a landing page that we want to drive traffic to specifically. We may not want to dilute the clicks however with the dynamic sitelinks, it gives us advertisers and marketers less control.

For Free?

Yep that’s right.. You will receive dynamic sitelink clicks for free.. at no charge. Free advertising with Google! Considering that sitelinks are known to increase headline clicks, so you will probably pay more for these free clicks down the road. Thanks Google!

What do I do now?

Nothing, as a default it will be rolled out and will show if Google feels it is relevant. So sit back and enjoy the free(ish) clicks.

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