Google Analytics Remarketing for Search Ads is now officially available

Google Analytics Remarketing for Search Ads is now officially available which is fantastic news for those familiar with building audiences via custom segments in Google Analytics.

Using custom segments to build audiences in Google Analytics is a pretty cool thing. We love using it and clients see the benefit in the granularity of the targeting. The only problem was that these super powerful audiences were only available for the Display network. Since they have now enabled this feature for search remarketing, it opens up an abundance of opportunity which we will no doubt be taking advantage of ASAP (and so should you!).

Just a quick round up on how Google Analytics Remarketing for Search Ads works.

First things first, ensure you have Remarketing activated in your Admin (Admin > Property > Tracking Info -> Data Collection.

remarketing analytics

From there you should be able to build your custom audience. Jump into the Analytics segments, whether it be the default ones or something you have already created. In my case I have a ‘people who have been to the site more than twice and have not converted segment’ (no prizes for guessing why I have that particular segment set up!). Visit your segment and then in the options for the segment you will see a ‘Build Audience’ option like this:

build analytics audience for search

You will then be asked to choose the what linked Adwords account you want to put the audience in:

link up analytics account audience

Then click next. You will be asked to select how far you want to lookback (yes with Analytics audiences you can actually look back 30 days!) and then name your audience.

lookback and name analytics audience

Click save and you are done. This audience will now be found in your Adwords audiences and can be targeted via search (and display of course) directly from your Adwords account.

Note that just like general search retargeting you need a minimum of 1000 users in the ‘audience list’ (I refrained from saying ‘cookie pool’… I know Google doesn’t particularly like that term!) in order for search remarketing ads to start showing. This is the same as general search remarketing so no surprises there.

Don’t believe me? Check out Google’s official post.

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