Google Analytics Insights slowly creep into JimmyData reports

You may have missed it but we have recently added an insights option across basic Analytics reporting. This is the start of something much bigger however we are only looking at trialling it before pushing it through AdWords and any future channels we add into JimmyData.

What are Analytics insights?

At this stage, Analytics insights look at relieving you from the mundane commentary tasks that we see agencies doing religiously with every report. Some of these are really straight forward but time consuming nevertheless.

The problem with writing out commentary for each report is that it defeats the purpose of automation doesn’t it? You can’t automate a report that requires commentary each week or month as the commentary stays static while all the data changes. This leads to wrong insights and incorrect analysis (and confused + unhappy clients!).

So we introduced our insights framework late last week to address this common issue.

How do the Insights work?

When you add an Analytics widget you will see a toggle button that presents itself as you are selecting your widget options. When you toggle this over to ‘Yes’ as seen in the image below, you will be given the option of insights within the widget customisation page:


need google analytics insights

Again you will only see this ‘Need Insights?’ button for Analytics widgets. From there select the type of widget you want to create, whether it be a KPI, table, graph or pie chart. Note that these will not be affected by the insights and will be built as per normal. Insights will be shown as commentary.

When customising your report, you will see the insights tab towards the bottom of the customisation field before the comments section.

select your insights for analytics

Currently you have the choice of selecting Audience, Acquisition, Behaviour, Goals and Revenue as insights options. If you choose to add comments underneath it, these will automatically be placed under your insights.

After you have selected the insights you want to run, hit save. You will now see your completed widget and underneath, your initial default insights text.

analytics insight example

What Jimmy is doing here is reading your data based on the date range selected in the widget setup as well as the insights you have just chosen.

You can obviously choose to run with these so that when your next report is automated, so are the insights. This means up-to-date commentary on all automated reports. But you can take that one step further which I’m sure many of you would like to do!

Make insights truly your own

Jimmy is all about customisation and the insights are no different. If you click on the insight paragraph text it will open up a WYSIWYG editor for you.

You will now see how the insights are calculated and each insight element is represented with parameters that pull the data straight from the server.

This gives you the ability to change your insights commentary by changing the writing style/language/format any way you like by using our parameter shortcodes.

We have also given you a list of these shortcodes in our Insight List dropdown in the WYSIWYG pictured below:

google analytics insight list dropdown

Write in your own style and add in the shortcodes and away you go… you can now automate your own insights in the style your clients are used to.

Note that these insights will recalculate based on the date range selected in the widget meaning you now have rolling, up-to-date and custom insights for all your Analytics reports that feed through your report automation processes.

Currently this release is in beta and we are currently working on making the framework more robust and applicable to multiple channels.

Give it a shot and shoot us a message on Intercom chat if you have any feedback.