Custom Affinity Audiences – What are they?

Before we go into the new custom affinity audiences, lets briefly go over what an affinity audience is. I won’t go into detail on affinity audiences but this is the rundown straight from the horses mouth:

Affinity audiences help marketers move beyond demographics and reach people who care about their brands. With over 80 unique personas based on lifestyle and interests, affinity audiences mimic the depth and breadth of TV-style audiences, so marketers can engage with precise audiences at scale.

So basically its lifestyle and interest targeting. A few key categories include:

  • Auto Enthusiasts
  • Gamers
  • Fast Food Cravers
  • Movie Lovers
  • Music Lovers
  • You get it right? So i’ll continue…

Think of these scenarios…

You are in the baby clothing business and you want to reach people who will need baby clothes or are shopping for these miniature soon-to-be-soiled garments. Or maybe you are in the beauty business and have a new product to promote, then naturally you want to reach people who want this or are actively looking for this type of product. This is what Google did two years ago by launching affinity and in-market audiences, allowing you to reach the people who will be receptive to your messages.

So whats with these so called ‘Custom Affinity Audiences

True to Google’s form, it has now come up with something even better. Its newest innovation is custom affinity audiences. It still allows you to reach your target audience but this time YOU decide who you are looking for.

Custom affinity audience’s researches consumer’s ongoing interests so you always contact the right people. It works across the Google display network which has a reach in the US of 94% and 89% globally.

A great extra of custom affinity audience, allows you to have a breakdown of the types of people you are reaching. For example; their age, gender and other top interests. This will in the future allow you to be specific in who you target and keep your time used on the right people.

I havn’t seen it in my account yet however would be interesting when it comes through and I’ll post some feedback once I’ve had a good play.

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