Create a Google Analytics UTM Generator in Excel

Productivity level unlocked: quick URL builder in Excel

Ever used the URL code generator Google provides you? Its super easy to use and ultra effective. However have you ever had to create hundreds of URLs? How long did that take you especially if you are not confident enough to build them out without using the tool.

We all know the importance of tracking campaigns, and Google’s URL builder is a great life saver when it comes to measuring online marketing efforts through Google Analytics.

I know we’ve all been in situations where we forget to add tracking (be honest), or we need to turn things around so quickly that the act of finding that URL builder can be a nightmare.

So, it’s good to keep this little doozy in the campaign package. Not only is it a quick and easy way to create all your tags, it’s a good reference point to remember what you’ve actually tagged and to show your clients what to look out for when they go into their Google Analytics account.

I’d like to add that this has been around a long time so I take no credit, I just thought I’d share how I created my tagging template in Excel. Plus, it cut down some time, making me more productive and got some hi five kudos from the boss.

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