Design Update – Control Panel

As I’m sure regular Jimmy users are aware, Jimmy has undergone a slight facelift most noticeable when viewing a report.

In order to make the user experience even more simple and efficient we introduced of a whole new control panel in the sidebar to centralise all your reporting needs.

Lets take a look!

The Control Panel

You can see the control panel when you start a new report or access an existing one. You will notice it on the left hand side. This control panel replaces the drop down menu that used to be at the top. However Share, Download and adding note options are still easily accessible at the top of each report.

control panel snapshot
Pretty cool, right? What’s even better is how easy it is to use, making Adwords and Analytics reports faster than ever to setup, customise and then schedule or share.

Adding a Widget

The old 3 step process of adding a widget is now gone and is replaced with the contents in the add widget section in the new control panel.

When you select the ‘add widget’ icon you will see your report builder. This is the old Step 1 and Step 2 put into 1 easy to navigate step.

Select your source

From there it will take you to your usual step 3. You can name your widget, select the campaigns you want to use and also the metrics info plus the other goodies.

That was easy.

Report Options

Some more goodies can be found in the report options. Here you can Download your report, Clone the report and add it to that clients report list, delete the report but the all new feature of adding templates.

To add a template click “Add as a template”.. name it… then reuse it in another report by clicking “Use Template”. We are in the process of writing up documentation for the report templates so please bear with us.

Check out our release post for JimmyData’s templates here.

Report Options

Share & Send

The third and section on the report control panel is the ‘Share & Send’ option. Just like the 2 previous icons, clicking on share & send will lead to 2 further options to branch out from the control panel; Share Dashboard and Schedule Report.

When you share a dashboard, you will be prompted to add the email address of the person who want to share with. They will then receive an email from Jimmy with their own user name and password. They can then login and view a real time dashboard. Super cool and super easy.

Following from that you can schedule your report. You can schedule it to run weekly, month and daily. This is also the section where you can send the PDF version of a report to your client. To do this just select the ‘one-off’ schedule and away you go.

Share options Adwords and Analytics Reports

Communication Portal

Finally you will see more of me and my team in our communication intercom on the right hand side. Regularly we will add messages, tutorials, interesting facts and any worthwhile information.

Jimmy's Intercom

There you have it! Keen to know what everyone thinks of the design.

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