Bar charts, download the CSV and Responsive Design

A lot has happened over the last month or so as we have been working hard improving the user experience as well as adding some cool new features. Here is a quick run down just in case you missed them:

1. New Dashboard Design

Jimmy Adwords / Analytics Dashboard

The first thing you would have noticed is the new dashboard design for Jimmy. The home page dashboard now shows you a little bit about your account (your plan and how many templates you have used), your latest reports as well as a client snapshot. We will shortly be including tutorial videos and latest news.

2. Download all your tables based reports into CSV

Another cool feature we implemented in the last month is the ability to download any of your tables in CSV. You will now notice a little cloud download icon in the banner bar of all your tables. It will look like this (circled in red at the top right corner):

Download to CSV icon

3. Toggle between line graphs and bar charts

Just like the additional icon allowing you to download the CSV, you will not see an icon on all the line graphs you have created in Jimmy. Click this little toggle button and wisplashy, you have a bar chat. Once you toggle, Jimmy will automatically save that graph to be downloaded or shared with a client so find the graph you like and Jimmy will keep it like that until the next time your toggle. Check it out here (also circled in red)

Toggle graphs and charts

4. Better device responsiveness

Part of the reason we worked on changing the app design was to make it more mobile friendly, especially in terms of tablet reporting and client dashboards. One thing we would like all our agencies to do is to be able to provide mobile reporting and dashboards to impress clients. We are still working on ironing out the nuances of smart phones and tablets, but we are getting there and want you to try it out.


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