Authentication Migration

Soon (or now.. depending when you read this!) you will be prompted to migrate your accounts and consolidate your accounts in Jimmy.

As Jimmy grows and more users jump on board we have been forced to make some major changes to how it pulls data from API sources.

When we first built Jimmy we only had used it for internal use as we felt Adwords and Analytics reporting was a drain on our time. When we decided to release it to other agencies we knew there would be learnings from it as more users had different demands and used the software differently to how we did.

One major issue that we struck was Authentication issues and OAuth problems that required continual reauthorisation. We realised this was quite a large issue that required a significant solution.

That solution is now available but it will require you to do some work on your end (2mins I promise).

The Migration

When you login you will see a prompt in the middle of the screen asking you to migrate your accounts over to the new system.

This is really easy to do.

jimmy account migration

Step 1: Name your MCC account, Adwords account, Analytics account etc something (ie Main MCC Account. It can be anything.. it doesn’t really matter)

Step 2: Select a source, whether it be Adwords or Analytics

Step 3: Authorise

Step 4: You will notice some of the account will disappear from the box underneath.. the remaining clients need to still have a source associated with them. If you don’t want to then you can click Migration Done.

Step 5: You can always come back to it and migrate other accounts over at any time by going to the user menu and then going to ‘Migrate Clients’. Here you can continue the process.


migrate at anytime

You only need to do the above once and you would have migrated all your accounts over.

Thank you for the patience during the migration as this will make using Jimmy an easier and more rewarding experience moving forward.