Adwords Report Templates – Pre-made now available

We get a lot of agencies and advertisers asking for pre-made AdWords report templates so they can simply jump in and start creating a report without having to customise from scratch.

This is understandable as sometimes you just want to get in and start reporting quickly without needing the build from the ground up.

Recently we implemented template building in Jimmy where you can turn any existing report into a template to use over and over again.

Now we have taken it to another level (or back a level?) by creating pre-made AdWords reports (Analytics too) so you can jump in quickly and get your AdWords data without having to build a report from scratch.

Don’t worry you can still customise, edit, build-one, clone, send, email, automate and everything else with pre made AdWords report templates but it just means you can start with the base very quickly.

How to use pre-build AdWords templates

What you need to do it create a report as per normal but you will see an additional blue button that will allow you to create a report using templates. See below:

create adwords report using templates

When you click the blue button you will see a screen popup and ask you to choose your template. As a default you will see 3 reports: Adwords, Analytics and eCommerce.

In this case select ‘Jimmy Data Quick Adwords Report’. You will then see a list of the widgets for that report:

premade adwords report templates

You will then need to select your AdWords source and then you will be prompted to choose the campaigns you want to measure for each widget. After you are finished.. hit ‘Use Template':

select your sources and campaigns template

As a default the report will be set to the last 30 days. You can customise this and every other element in each widget as per normal.

Data in this report

Data in this report include:

  • KPIS – CTR, Avg CPC, Cost, Cost/Converted Click, Avg Pos
  • Campaign overview table
  • Keyword table
  • Conversions and Conversion rate over time

We are hoping that this will make the reporting process easier for new comers and also those who just want to quickly build a report with no fuss.

Remember if you edit this template and customise it, you can add that template as one of your own and use it anytime you like.