Adwords Collaboration for Better Campaign Management

We here at JimmyData know that reporting is one element to Adwords management. Although it’s a super important one, without actual campaign management and team collaboration it’s not going to drive your business forward.

That is why Jimmy has started to move into encompassing a more holistic and rounded offering with a simple new collaboration feature that allows you to discuss campaigns and reports internally.

This was a small release and visually, simply falls back into Jimmy’s interface. You can see the little collaboration feature at the top of the widgets, represented by a chat icon:


Click this chat icon and chat with other co-workers in the organisation. Join the discussion or sit back and monitor the chatter:

adwords collaboration discussion

Its a super easy tool to use and so far its great fun to use and we have incorporated it into our management mapping process. Download function is coming shortly.

What you need to know

1. it is only visible within your organisation and will not appear in when you share a live dashboard with your client.

2. Each co-worker can contribute to the chat.

3. The holder of the JimmyData account can delete anyone’s chat. Co-workers can delete their comments only.

4. Chat collaboration is currently available to all Jimmy account holders, paid and free.

Let us know your thoughts and how you went with this function.

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