Additional features to Google Shopping ads

Google has improved this service even more and added some other great features to help you optimise your campaigns and engage people on their mobile devices.

Let have a look at some of these new features;

Auction Insights Report

This nifty little feature allows you to compare your campaigns against others in your same area. It includes impression share, overlap rate and outranking share to see where you rate amongst your peers, thus enabling you to see where you need to improve or change strategies.

Google Shopping auction insights

Search Impression Share

You can access this feature through the dimensions tab, it will compare your campaign against your competitors to see which are restricted by a low budget with lost IS (budget) and which ones need further optimization with lost IS (rank).

google shopping impression share

Device and Time Segmentation

This will allow you to see if your competitors recieved more or less hits over the week on all different mobile devices. To access this click on the Auction insights report. This will give you a run down of devices and days, compared against your peers.

Google shopping device and time segmentation

Bid Simulator Columns

A handy feature to see what your advertising results could of been like, if you had set a different bidding strategy. This will help you in the future to find the product groups that will create the best reach for your business.

Flattened View of Your Product Groups

Just another brilliant way to analyze what is working for you and what is not. You can sort by impression share and find the lowest performing group. Then improve anything easily with a few clicks, it couldn’t be easier.

All these fantastic additions and improvements by Google have been designed for you to optimize your shopping campaigns and improve your sales and reach. It has never been easier to track and continue to improve your targeted campaigns.

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