Ad Customizers – Tools for the Power User

With Google’s introduction of ‘Tools for the Power User’ in mid-2014, they rolled out tools and resources to help managers of multiple, large-scale campaigns successfully run their accounts and reach their customers in efficient and effective ways.

The first of the tools introduced are the Ad Customizers.

What Are Ad Customizers?

Google’s introduction of the ad customizers tool is a potential game changer and could be the start of a bid management war like we havn’t seen before. The tool allows users to not only maximize their ad spend, but also customize their ads based on various set parameters.

The possibilities of the tool are endless. Whether you want to tell your customers about a hot new product, announce a big sale, or advertise an event, utilizing ad customizers is the easiest way to create variations of specific ads.

An ad that uses Ad Customizers may look like this:

ad customizers
Taken from

The highlighted words above are the customized parameters.

Why Are They Needed?

If you have a large-scale account that runs hundreds of specific ads, the ad customizer tool by Google will save you time, money, and energy. Rather than creating two hundred individual ads, you’ll upload a spreadsheet with your required data, enter the correct parameters and Google AdWords will do the rest.

Pulling from the spreadsheet and the parameter settings, Google will generate the ads to include all the required information. You can create a specific ad for Wednesday’s wine tasting. You can tout the percentage discount of the season’s latest fashions. You can even create a countdown to the hottest event of the year.

One of the most important aspects of these customizable ads is that they can change in real time. If an important event is two days away, the ad can read ‘in 2 days’ and it will automatically update to ‘in 1 day’ the next day. Or if the price of a sweater were now discounted by 20%, where as yesterday it was only 15%, today’s ad would read 20%.

By creating a spreadsheet that already contains all this information, a well-placed and well-written ad, with the required parameter settings, will run itself.

How Do You Create Them?

These ads are not difficult to create. Utilizing the same tools to create your standard AdWord ad, you can now enter parameters instead of hard data.

The parameters require specific terms and phrases to be used, but similar to basic HTML, it’s easy to learn and quick to get the hang of. You’ll be creating countless variations of one specific ad in no time.

If you’re a Google AdWords Power User, this tool will save you time and money. It will also help you reach your advertising and performance goals quicker and easier.

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