Ad Customizer – Setting up Parameters

The new Google AdWords tool, Ad Customizer, has made it incredibly easy to customize ads that have real-time update parameters already set in the ad’s setup. This new tool allows marketers to reach their customers in new and exciting ways.

Constantly updating ads to change words, deals, and content is a tedious task that can take up a lot of time. However, Google has once again come to the rescue with the Ad Customizer tool, a real-time technology that makes the marketers’ jobs easier. This tool will allow you to focus on analyzing the results of the ad and its analytics.

While creating customized real-time ads sounds as though it’d be complicated and stressful, all it really requires is a spreadsheet and some data. With a simple spreadsheet, you can create hundreds of ad variations to reach your customers.

What Can Be Customized?

Through the wonders of Google, you can customize any text in your ad. You set the ad’s customizable parameters, which can include hundreds of variations, as well as the necessary text. The data is listed in a spreadsheet that is then uploaded to Google AdWords.

If you’re running a sale, you can include the variable discount percentage on various items. A sweater may be 15% off, while a jacket is 20%, these can be customized to appear in an ad. If a promotion is expiring soon, you can have a countdown parameter than ticks down the days. The customizable parameters data possibilities are endless.

How to Set Up The Parameters

By uploading a simple spreadsheet with the required information, you will quickly be on your way to having customized, real-time advertisements on Google search results.

Imagine you’re a restaurant owner and you’re having a monthly series in which a famous chef comes and prepares dinner. The menu is pre fixe and the price varies depending on the popularity of the chef. Here’s what your spreadsheet will look like

Real Time Updates Spreadsheet

The ad would look something like this:


setting up parameters for ad customizers

By adding customized parameters to your Google ads, you can create hundreds of variations of one single ad. Thus, allowing you to save time, money and energy managing your AdWords campaigns.

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