8 Best PPC Blogs That Every Search Marketer Should Read

When I started with search marketing there were no ppc blogs or forums where I could go and learn. Digital marketing was still very much in its embryonic stage and frankly print and traditional marketing was king.

To put this into perspective it was 2004, still a time where Amazon was just selling books, eBay only sold second hand stuff, gmail was invite only and we were buying AdWords clicks for 5c. When was the last time you drove quality search traffic for 5c!

With all of the updates in the search world to say times have changed is an understatement but luckily for search marketers there are a number of blogs and websites where we can go to absorb knowledge, learn and drive forward our expertise in search and ppc.

Jim Rohn, an American rags-to-riches entrepreneur (not sure I like the term rags-to-riches but lets roll with it Wikipedia!), had coined this inspirational quote about education that can apply to every aspect of our lives, including our professional development:

As search marketers, we are constantly in a process of finding new ways to get our clients the most traffic and visibility on the major search engines. Our goal is to make sure they are getting the most of SEO and SEM so their websites have the highest lead conversions and client traffic, which leads to overall growth. After all, when our clients thrive, so do we.

For the perfect search marketing campaign, it takes a village.

To become masters at pay-per-click advertisement, we need to constantly learn from the experts around us. In the sea of keywords, landing pages, quality scores, converted clicks, I mean conversions, I mean interactions… we can easily drop the ball on intricate aspects that make a search marketing campaign successful.

By learning and absorbing as much as possible about each of these topics, we can grow ever more as professionals in this field. Through increased knowledge, we will have more satisfied and successful clients.

Many of the best search marketing authorities have blogs that we can learn from. These blogs are invaluable because although we can learn through trial and error, mistakes can be costly to our clients and to ourselves.

So, instead of going through risks that may prove disastrous, consider following the 10 best PPC blogs on the internet that have done the tests. Use their data to create an optimal, low-risk campaign that will be more likely to have good results.

Obviously we all love the Jimmy blog however lets look at what else is out there right?!

1. PPC Hero

ppc hero blog

Just do a simple Google search for the best PPC blog out there and you will see PPC Hero come up first almost every time in blogs and top ten lists.

For a quick roundup, PPC Hero is the blog of Hanapin marketing, a leader in the search space. I do find it interesting how they separate their blog from their management company website. Not too sure as to why it is done this way but I’m sure they have their reasons.

This blog is a fully comprehensive source of everything you could possibly want to know about SEM.

PPC Hero hosts webinars from authorities in the search marketing world to enrich your professional development and search marketing know-how. Here you can also access crucial case studies, risky experiments, tips and tricks, and valuable insights on effective search marketing strategies. They offer material that is relevant on every level of expertise, from amateur to pro. According to Unbounce, PPC Hero’s “adventurous testing” is a valuable learning tool that helps us avoid marketing pitfalls.

2. Adwords Blog

google adwords blog

Straight from the horses mouth with the official AdWords blog. Yes we know that there is such a thing as Bing but let’s face it, Google is king when it comes to search and I don’t see that changing in the near future. The AdWords blog is a great place to keep up to date when it comes to newly rolled out features and product news however its not a place to ‘learn’ AdWords or get into the nit and gritty of campaign management.

Obviously very Google centric (as you would expect) my main gripe however is the lack of in depth content that you can walk away from with a bunch of knowledge to start implementing something cool and new. It’s very top level and probably could be updated more! Saying that there are hosts of more technical blogs out there which are in this list, making this blog a great top level source.

3. Bing Ads Blog

bing ads blog

According to SEO Chat, Bing has “reached a record-breaking 21% share of the engine market.” No longer can this search engine be brushed aside as a non-entity, for wherever there are users, there are opportunities. Yes we know that in many countries the volume isn’t anywhere near what we can drive with Google but in many cases you cannot argue with the CPA and general campaign efficiency… we just need more of it!

Getting familiar with the way Bing works in order to optimize your client’s visibility on this search engine will require a new set of knowledge that the Bing Ads Blog is happy to share with you. Visit often to learn everything about making your ads more visible on Bing in order to achieve more conversions.

4. Wordstream

the wordstream blog

Here you can find thorough posts on PPC management and strategy based on real data. Wordstream covers a diverse range of topics like content marketing, mobile advertising, sales, affiliate marketing, and search marketing.

Larry Kim is kind of a master when it comes to content. The infographics, whitepapers, guest posting and overall content creation is second to none in the PPC space.

This blog also excels in giving industry-specific advice, helping everyone from universities to hospitals. They also take on fresh perspectives like in their recent blog that applies game theory to PPC marketing.

5. Search Engine Watch, Land and Journal

For a couple of years I used to catch a ferry into work and these 3 websites were my go to’s for the hour long float into the city. I love the fact you can get your daily dose of SEM/PPC as well as SEO and general digital news. Across these 3 websites you can get your fill of everything digital and dig deeper into a particular area if you feel like it.

All sites rely heavily on guests posts which is fantastic because you get a full scope of different opinions on a variety of topics. Guest speakers include Larry Kim from Wordstream fame, Frederick Vallaeys (ex AdWords guy) and Ginny Marvin.

6. iSpionage

ispionage blog

This blog gives you invaluable strategies and unique insights on how to make the most of your PPC campaigns. They have topics for every level of expertise, providing beginners’ guides to digital marketing to using dynamic number insertion. They often have a fresh take on common topics which makes their blog incredibly useful to follow.

7. CPC Strategy

cpc strategy blog

In a nutshell, CPC Strategy identifies themselves as “leaders of the digital retail revolution.” They are passionate about online retail optimization, with their main channels of focus being Google Shopping Management, Amazon Sales Acceleration Program, and Paid Search Management. They equip their clients with expertise and a gameplan that will make their brand grow, resulting in increased revenue and visibility to consumers.

CPC Strategy is said to be one of the best resources on retail adverts and e-commerce. If you need to learn cutting-edge techniques on making the most out of an online retail business, then you must start following CPC Strategy’s amazing blog today.

8. Tenscores Blog

10 scores blog

One of the best things about this blog is that its landing page offers you two choices right off the bat: advanced or beginner. Clicking on either of them will take you to tips and tricks that are at your level of expertise so you won’t be lost in the shuffle of information. This blog is laser-focused on quality scores which are a challenging aspect for many online advertisers, giving incredible insights on how quality scores really work. In fact, understanding how they work can more than quadruple your conversion rate.

Overall, Tenscores gives an insider’s view on how it takes more than good keywords and a unique landing page in order to be the most visible in a Google search. Following this blog is absolutely crucial for making your understanding of search marketing more complete.

Knowledge leads to action.

Having knowledge about what to do is great, but true learning involves implementing what we learn. Now that we have the tools to be the best marketers possible, we must integrate this knowledge and turn it into action.

Let’s give our clients the best visibility and traffic on Google, Yahoo, and Bing and help their businesses thrive. Through our expertise through constant learning, we can help the dreams of our clients come true and also establish a solid reputation of expertise for ourselves.