5 Annoying Things Adwords Doesn’t do but Should

There are hundreds, if not thousands of useful things you can do in Adwords in order to gather great insight and improve your campaign. For many marketers, we may never even need to use them as there are so many and there are others we probably don’t even know about yet!

However with all the cool stuff you can do and the endless functions available, there are some blindingly obvious features that are absent. It’s not that these features are useless mind you.. we want them.. actually we need them! Although in most of these cases there is a work around but whether they were missed or deliberately left out that’s another story.

Here are some of our frustrations that I’m sure many of you will appreciate:

1. The restart

Adwords is kind enough to give you a start and an end date for a campaign. Now have you ever ended a campaign and then needed to restart it again? What a disaster. At the moment this is what we do:

1. Click All online campaigns in the left panel of your AdWords account.
2. Click the Campaigns tab and select the campaign to pause.
3. Click the Automate button, then select Pause Campaigns when from the drop down menu… or Enable ads when… from the drop-down menu.
4. In the “Frequency” section, choose One-off and select your pause date.
5. Click save
6. Again click the Automate button, then select Enable campaigns when from the drop-down menu.
7. In the “Frequency” section, choose One-off and select your enable date.
8. Click save


Easy right?

Well to save Google the time and effort trying to conjure up an easier way to do this.. I’ve racked my brain and already come up with a solution! No R&D Google.. check this bad boy out:


That’s ok Google.. save the millions in Dev and thank me later.. just implement this! (please)

2. Eliminating desktop traffic

Ok so let me get this; enhanced campaigns was implemented to integrate advertisers seamlessly into mobile with the hope they will embrace it faster and in turn, increase the CPC for mobile ads.

What I don’t understand however, is that if Google wants advertisers to spend more on advertising on mobile and improve CPCs, then why would they give advertisers the option to still opt out of mobile? Even worse, they don’t give the advertisers the option of opting out of desktop! What the?… How does this make sense at all? You can set a -100% bid adjuster for mobile but not a similar bid adjuster for desktop?

We have campaigns where I cannot spend enough on mobile because of this and would love to spend a whole lot more. Yet the whole reason to bring in enhanced campaigns was to increase mobile spend?

Again, here is my million dollar solution:


Wow! That’s ok.. no need to thank me.

3. Cryptic Budget Alerts

Have you ever signed up for alerts that tell you if one of your clients is low on budget, only to have the email ‘encrypted’. This is ok when you have 5.. maybe 10 clients. But when you start going 50+.. then 100+.. These crypto emails require a certain level of deciphering which frankly, although it can be fun and good for team building, we don’t have the time for.

This is one of them:

solving the Adwords Code
Solving the Adwords Code – by William Bakhos

Few things to note; I’m not in the UK. Second thing.. if you look hard enough, Google gives you the first piece of the puzzle (circled). The remainder of the journey is up to you, Godspeed.

My thoughts. Account name and a link would be nice. (I know… why doesn’t Google just employ me?!)

4. A full search query report

Why can’t I get a full search query report? I understand you can’t show every single impression but what about transparency and comprehensive data on the clicks? Ever tried to explain to a client why search query clicks and actual clicks don’t match? The response is inevitably along the lines of “We can put a man on the moon but…”

If we can see almost every single auto placement in GDN then surely this shouldn’t be a problem?

5. Quality Score History

I know there has been a lot discussed in terms of adwords scripts for quality score however why doesn’t Google just give this to us? After you make all the changes to the campaign wouldn’t it be nice to see a ‘quality score over time’ segment somewhere? Or what was your quality score for a keyword last week? Has it changed?

If there are any more you can think you, please put them into the comment section below.. get involved!

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