3693 Reasons Adwords Helps You Report Better

Here are 3693 reasons why Google Adwords is a great way to understand your traffic.

The image below shows us 3693 visits where the keyword was (not provided) with all keyword data coming from ‘organic’ search. Don’t get Jimmy wrong, organic search rocks, however it does have its limitations and in November, this example shows 3693 of them!

3693 reasons to analyse data with Adwords
3693 reasons to analyse data with Adwords

Today, any search done on Google is encrypted which will mean it will show the search coming from (not provided). However if you pay for it with Google Adwords then Google will show you this data.

Tricky, unfair or opportunistic, call it what you want, fact is if you pay for Traffic then you will be able to see the all important keyword data. One you put the time and money into Adwords you will be able to see the keyword data in 2 ways:

  1. Directly through Adwords. Adwords will show you not only keyword data but more importantly search query data.
  2. Through Google Analytics when you link your Analytics with your Adwords account. If you don’t link them, even though Google will tell you what source it came from (like Paid search), you won’t get keyword data. So make sure you link them.

Note there will be a variation between the Adwords data and the Analytics data. For better and more comparable performance data like clicks, use the Adwords report. For more of a complete picture, the Analytics data provides a great guide, however only if you compare like with like.

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