30+ of the Top Digital and Search Agencies in South Africa

One thing that struck me the most after launching JimmyData was the global diversity of digital agencies. My expectation was that I would see agencies and webmasters from countries like the US, Canada, Australia and UK dominate our user base. What surprised me was certain regions around the world that had a stronger than expected search presence.

South Africa was one country that really stood out for me so I decided to do a bit of research into the market and see what agencies rule the roost in the market. We did this by looking through the Google partner search networking and finding those that had the most rounded certifications, number of certifications and were also premier Google Partners.

So we came up with this list of the top 30.. here we go!

1. FGX Studios has been around for 15 years and is a full service agency. They have a heavy focus on design and development however have expertise across search, display, social, mobile, cro and anything else you want to throw at them.

2. SearchKings can help any business get to the top of Google search results and is run by a team of Google certified online marketing experts. The company specialisations are display advertising, mobile advertising, and search advertising.

3. NetAge has almost 20 years of experience in what they do and in the digital world, thats as long as you are going to get!. They offer their clients help in full service online marketing and concentrate on online branding, strategy development, lead generation, conversion optimism, and retention marketing. The company specialisations are display advertising, mobile advertising, and search advertising.

4. Meira Puterman is run by an individual who has more than 15 years of experience in the area (another long time to be in digital!). She works in front-end web development, quality assurance, analytics and insight, training, project management, Adwords, and SEO. She can go very far in helping any online business find success, and the company specialisation is search advertising.

5. Lifetime Media founded by Jacqui and Bruce Engelbrecht, Lifetime media can cover the areas of both your brand as well as your digital execution. It’s rare that the 2 fall under the same roof even among ‘full service agencies’ so I would look at Lifetime media as an end to end offering and a team that will guide you through the journey from the beginning. Their website is highly engaging and no doubt, they practice what they preach.

6. Crystal Media are again a full service agency based in Westville South Africa. Websites, Design, EDM (E-Marketing), Social or Search, Crystal Media has you covered. Their client base and portfolio is quite impressive and took forever to scroll down so the experience is definitely there in abundance.

7. Reprise Media refers to itself as a digital experience agency using a methodology of ‘Paid, Owned, Earned and Analytics. This methodology incorporates a complete 360 degree was to look at digital from strategy through to execution and analysis.

8. Cavalry Media can be found at http://www.hellocavalry.com/. It is based in Johannesburg, South Africa and is an integrated digital marketing agency that has quite a bit to offer potential clients. The company specialisations are mobile advertising and search advertising.

9. Starbright IT have employees who have a great deal of talent in fields such as network infrastructure management, digital marketing, and creative and developmental services. They work with companies on all sorts of ideas, whether they are large scale or small scale. The company specialisations are display advertising, mobile advertising, and search advertising.

10. CloudCity (Pty) Ltd works with clients all over South Africa, particularly small businesses. It specialises in implementing sales conversion strategies. There are cloud based productivity applications to enhance efficiency of clients and help automate different business procedures, ultimately bringing the business more success. There are also innovative and wonderful lead generation products that will help bring interested customers to any of their clients.

11. iLEAD focus a great deal on leads and lead generation strategies. They are a certified Google partner and offer clients experts in search engine marketing, YouTube, and content generation. All of the abilities that are offered here combined can serve any client well and help them a great deal in getting the online exposure that they want for their brands and businesses.

12. Profit Rocket are based in Cape Town and are a R.O.I. focused Adwords agency. They are driven by data and have worked with some of the most respected and largest advertising agencies around the globe. This company has been a Google certified partner since 2009 and offers potential clients the chance to try out what they have to offer free of charge.

13. B Online can be found at http://www.bonline.co.za. It focuses a great deal on web design and online marketing and provides a comprehensive set of online services to its clients. They see the Internet as an array of opportunities and make sure to give their clients the best service possible, as they see their clients as a reflection of their own brand and feel that their clients’ success reflects their own. As such, they are committed to giving high quality service. They have a team of experts that is made up of young, fresh talent. They want to stay at the forefront of their industry and care a great deal about the work that they do. The company specialisation is mobile advertising.

14. Metis Online can be found at http://www.metisonline.co.za. They are based in Cape Town. They target both local and global businesses and are determined to provide the best service possible to any business, regardless of where they are located or what language is spoken. They boast a variety of clever services, such as advertising on Google and advanced AdWords support, just to name a couple. The company specialisations are mobile advertising and search advertising.

15. Fusspot Publishing have established themselves well within the industry, with a variety of clients in many different industries. They have a great track record in terms of Google AdWords superior quality campaign setup, as well as optimization and management services. They have many different areas of focus, such as advanced AdWords support, advertising on Google, mobile and video advertisements, online marketing plans, and enhanced websites. Their company specializations are mobile advertising and search advertising.

16. CopperTable offers a variety of consulting services in regards to various issues that may be faced by their clients. They use their expertise in technology, strategy, data, and marketing to figure out the best ways to deal with the external and internal issues that their clients have to deal with on a regular basis. They use all the information provided and come up with effective approaches when it comes to optimising processes, utilising data, enhancing marketing, and providing the appropriate technology education in situations where it is necessary. They often focus on online marketing plans, advertising on Google, and advanced AdWords support.

17. iMod Digital can help clients with all sorts of digital marketing needs, but its main focus is search engine optimisation. They have more than a decade of experience in this area, as well as many happy clients that they have worked with. They have managed to establish a strong reputation in Cape Town. They expanded nationally in 2011 and a few years later expanded internationally. There are two sides to this particular business. One of them focuses on the design and development of websites, and the other focuses on digital marketing, specifically SEO and PPC. The company has qualified professionals in search advertising.

18. Interexcel Digital Marketing can be found at http://www.iedm.co.za. This company understands that all of its clients want excellent results. In order to help their clients achieve these results, they have a comprehensive online marketing team, with members who have different abilities that can address all of their clients’ needs. Every component of their team has some notable ability that will be able to help a client company achieve tangible positive results with what they have online.The company has qualified professionals in search advertising.

19. FocusOnline is based in Cape Town and focuses on inbound e-marketing for both domestic and international companies that are in the tourism and travel industry. Put together, the talent at this company has more than 60 years of experience. The team understands how important online marketing can be for this type of company and is also passionate about tourism and travel. They understand the industry and know just how to drive targeted customers to their clients’ sites using social media strategies and digital marketing. They know just how to increased booking in conversion numbers, as well as average rates to generate profit for their clients.

20. Commcentrix can be found at http://www.commcentrix.com. This company is a full-service digital agency. It addresses all of the online requirements of its clients in order to ensure the best digital success possible. They provide all sorts of services, including website design and development, as well as online marketing. The online marketing work they do encompasses all sorts of components, including online campaign strategies, both emails, PPC marketing, AdWords, and SEO, among others.

21. World Wide Creative can be found at http://www.wwc.co.za. This company is based in Cape Town and Johannesburg, as well as the United Kingdom. They are a full-service digital marketing agency and the founders of the Heavy Chef education initiative. They have multiple areas of focus, including digital education, digital media, search, multi-platform developments, and digital strategy. They have a track record in helping clients with advanced AdWords support, mobile and video ads, online marketing plans, enhanced websites, and advertising on Google, among other things.

22. Page Panther (Pty) works with clients that have all sorts of different purposes, whether they are trying to completely revamp their online marketing campaign or whether they have a good campaign that they just want to optimise a little bit. They can give their clients the advice that they need in order to make their marketing strategy as strong as possible. They are willing to work well together with clients in order to take advantage of everything that the web has to offer in order to give the business as much as success as possible and maximise the return of investment on internet marketing. They have helped clients with enhanced web sites, online marketing plans, mobile and video ads, and advertising on Google, among other things.

23. Punk Media has a cool url at http://punk.digital and is a division of the punk company and a long-term Google partner. Punk Media is the premium media targeting and buying branch of the King James Group. They specialise in many different types of help with advertising that they can give their clients, including effective targeting audience research, refining AdWords, Google tag manager analytics, YouTube, display, search, in-depth insights and actionable reporting, UX and optimisation, consulting and lecturing, and social media marketing and management training. Some of their focus areas are advanced AdWords support, enhanced web sites, online marketing plans, advertising on Google, and mobile and video ads. The company has qualified professionals in display advertising, mobile advertising, and search advertising.

24. COZA Marketing can be found at http://www.cozamarketing.co.za. this company has been specializing in Google AdWords management for nearly a decade, since the year 2007. They are determined to make sure that all of their clients reach returns of investments that are satisfying to the businesses themselves, and they are confident that they can help their clients, considering the Google AdWords is the most effective advertising medium that is now available. They have the focus areas of advanced AdWords support, enhanced websites, mobile and video ads, online marketing plans, and advertising on Google.The company has qualified professionals in search advertising.

25. MJ Media Internet Marketing can be found at http://www.mjmedia.co.za. This company has the focus areas of advertising on Google, online marketing plans, mobile and video ads, enhanced website, Advanced AdWords support, and others. It is a Durban-based internet marketing agency that specializes in paid and organic search marketing. They have more than 17 years of experience in international online marketing, and they are determined to deliver the highest quality search engine marketing assistance possible to all of their clients.The company has qualified professionals in mobile advertising.

26. Online Marketing Guys prides itself on its ability to help its clients own, market, and grow their businesses. They use all of the power that the internet has to offer, as well as platforms and tools that are available, in order to generate marketing solutions. Using everything they have at their disposal, they generate leads and traffic and convert the leads and traffic to income for their clients with profitable returns of investment. They are based in Cape Town and have the company specialisation of mobile advertising.

27. iProspect South Africa can be found at http://www.iprospect.co.za. This company is a leading digital marketing agency that works with companies around the globe. Many of the most successful brands in the world have received help from this company in maximising their returns of investment through online marketing. The company can assist with natural search engine optimisation, online display advertising management, reputation management, page search advertising management, web analytics and attribution modeling, global search engine marketing, and other similar services.

28. Digital Marketing Management can be found at http://www.dmm.co.za. This company is based in Sandton. They do not hold their clients to long-term contracts, and they offer them a performance-based alternative. Because the digital landscape is constantly changing, digital marketing management is always evolving as well. This company has a talented and passionate team of developers, strategists, social media specialists, designers, and other individuals who know exactly what they are doing when it comes to helping businesses grow with digital marketing. Mark Taitz, the CEO, has been in the marketing industry for 25 years and has been responsible for the creation of some of the largest brands and internet portals of South Africa. The company specialisation is search advertising.

29. iClinic  is a full service digital marketing agency that utilises a content centered marketing approach. They have a great deal of experience in managing FMCG clients that are located throughout Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. They have the specific focus of helping clients in the health and fitness industry. They work with both clients who need to establish an online presence and those who need to improve their online presence. They pride themselves on doing excellent work that satisfies their clients. The company specialisation is display advertising.

30. Traffic Brand is a specialist digital advertising agency that focuses on directing targeted traffic to their clients’ websites. They use their vast knowledge of advertising platforms such as social media sites andGoogle in order to originate and optimise digital campaigns that will help their clients achieve the visibility that they want in order to meet their sales and marketing objectives. They are a results-driven agency and have been assisting clients of all sizes for seven years. The company specialisations are search advertising, display advertising, and mobile advertising.

31. Pretoria based Rethink Markeing have a great website and qualifications to boot. Experience over CRO, Social, PPC, Mobile, Design and more make this agency a one shop stop when looking for an agency for your business in South Africa. Unlike most agencies they have a ‘Specials’ section! This is the first time I have seen this on a agency site in a while and to be honest, its quite refreshing!

32. Top Click Media (Pty) Ltd. is a certified Google partner and focuses on marketing using YouTube, Google Search marketing, and the Google Display Network. The company specialisations are mobile advertising and search advertising.

33. NMP (SA) is based in Johannesburg and Cape Town and was founded on partner-agency, large brand, and enterprise clients. The production and management teams have a great deal of expertise when it comes to technology services and digital marketing. They work in all sorts of areas, including web design and development, content development, Augmented Reality (AR), search marketing, Google’s DoubleClick, analytics, SEO, eCommerce and social media marketing, strategic services, and more. This company is also a part of the incuBeta Group of digital companies, meaning that it has access to all of the best expertise in terms of technology deployment and best-practice learnings. This company is partnered with the Imvula Education Empowerment Fund (BBBEE Level 4) and focuses on the development of local talent, as well as quality work and campaign delivery. The company specialisation is search advertising.