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Trust Jimmy for your Google Analytics reporting

Jimmy is the Google Analytics tool that takes time consuming client reporting tasks and allows you to customise, automate and share in seconds. Cool right?

Automate reports

Schedule and automate your custom reports so you only ever need to build a report once. Daily, Weekly, Monthly or even quarterly, Jimmy's report scheduling has you covered.

Analyse and customise

Jimmy is not a one size fits all reporting solution. Analyse and customize the data you think is relevant to your clients. Report what you need you, not what you don't.

Download or share

Do you download to PDF and email your clients? Take it a step further by sharing the real time report via our revolutionary Jimmy Dashboard feature. Share live dashboard and ditch the emails.

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JimmyData's automation features

Slash reporting time through JimmyData's automation features. Create your custom report templates, schedule automatic reports and quickly clone your report mean hours of reporting turns into seconds. We save you time and money so you can focus on the important stuff.

  • Share Dashboards

    Share a dynamic Analytics dashboard to your clients in seconds

  • Customise report

    Customise your report to suit your needs. Display what is important and leave out all the fluff

  • Build Custom Templates

    Build and save custom report templates to use over and over again in an instant

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Show what matters to your or your clients

Customise and share Analytics reports that actually matter. JimmyData's customization engine allows for an endless combination of metrics so you show information that matters.

Choose how you share your reports

Once you have customized your report JimmyData gives you several ways to easily share your report. Download to PDF, Extract to Excel, Schedule or Share your report Dashboard to anyone for easy real time reporting. Send reports out on time, every time without lifting a finger

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What our clients have been saying about us

  • We literally save hundreds of hours every month with Jimmy. Now we can focus on optimizing all the accounts and adding value to our costumers. Jimmy handles all the reporting now!

    — BlueCaribu
  • Jimmy has saves us an estimated minimum of 30hrs per week in reporting tasks, which frees up time to dedicate to other things

    — Brendon Watson, General Manager, Fabness
  • Not only does this save us time but our clients love the real time dashboard reporting. We could not go back to Excel reporting after using Jimmy

    —  Paul Mitchell, Web Marketers Crew
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